Key LodeStar Services
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Site identification and evaluation
LodeStar employs Demographic Data Analysis and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping to provide a cost effective tool to direct the site identification process. Whether targeting prospective sites at the regional, state, county, or local level, LodeStar can identify those areas with the greatest development potential.

The real power of LodeStar’s GIS mapping lies in the ability to combine geographic references, such as roads and highways, with key market indicators such as qualified household density patterns and competitor location and unit counts. Dependent upon your needs and the size of the area being scrutinized, the evaluation could occur at the county or zip code level, or utilize radial demarcations from a known point.

Market feasbility study for new development, expansions, or repositioning efforts
The retirement housing and senior services industry is constantly changing, propelled by demographic flux and expanding competition. A comprehensive analysis of the senior market’s housing and care needs is critical to your project’s success. LodeStar’s Market Feasibility Study discovers those needs by thoroughly analyzing your marketplace. We can assess the market potential for each aspect of your current or planned continuum. The result of the Market Feasibility Study is a master plan that reflects your market area’s unique demographic, socioeconomic, and competitive characteristics.

Preliminary market assessment
LodeStar's Preliminary Market Assessment is an abbreviated market feasibility study that provides baseline measurements of market strength and unit potential. Typical applications include:
  • Formulating positioning or repositioning strategies for existing centers.
  • Prioritizing resource allocation among multiple properties.
  • Development and assessment of marketing plans and programs.
  • For planned or proposed communities, the Preliminary Market Assessment determines if a comprehensive Market Feasibility Study is warranted, and is a cost effective means of assessing development potential at multiple sites.

Unit composition and affordability analysis
To be successful, a project must not only offer the appropriate number of units, but also have a unit mix and fee structure that reflects the target market's profile. LodeStar's Unit Composition and Affordability Analysis correlates your unit mix and fees to the target market's demographic and socioeconomic characteristics to determine affordability and marketability.

Competitive evaluation
LodeStar's Competitive Evaluation process is designed to provided data and information necessary to make informed decisions regarding competitive positioning/repositioning strategies, and address how to protect or expand your market share. Through on-site fieldwork and personal visits, LodeStar will compile and assess competitive providers' location and surrounding environment; physical plant and amenities; programming, service and financial options; and occupancy.

Community-based services market assessment
Integration of community-based services and technological monitoring and recording devices with the traditional continuum of care has been identified as critical to the future senior housing and services industry. LodeStar's Community-Based Services Market Assessment measures the projected market for such services, ascertains the market's willingness to pay for the services, and determines the extent to which the market is served by existing providers. The goal is to determine the extent to which the community-based services market is being met and identification of unmet need and market opportunities.

Consumer market and affinity group survey
The senior housing and service industry is rapidly transforming; to be successful, providers must not only meet resident needs but satisfy consumer expectations as well. A comprehensive analysis of your market’s preferences, desires, attitudes, and opinions is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare for the dramatic changes occurring in our industry.

LodeStar's Consumer Market Surveys and Affinity Group Surveys discover these key attributes by thoroughly analyzing your market be it the general marketplace or specific group membership. Using valid survey research methodologies and statistical procedures, we develop profiles of your prospective customers to tell you what they want and how much they will pay for it. The result is a blueprint that allows you to plan for the future with confidence.

Resident satisfaction / quality assurance survey
Throughout the industry we are seeing increased emphasis on measuring, in part, the quality of our care and services by the opinions of those we serve. Depending on your continuum, quality assessments may also include caregivers and staff.

LodeStar's Resident Satisfaction / Quality Assurance Survey provides a resource to measure customer satisfaction with current services and programs, as well as preferences for proposed or planned programs, features, or services. The resulting database establishes an information benchmark for strategic planning, service enhancement, and organizational improvement.