Why Lodestar
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Cathy Walker, president and sole proprietor of LodeStar, has nearly 30 years of research experience, with 25 years devoted to the senior housing and services industry. Cathy has completed hundreds of market feasibility studies and consumer research assignments examining all aspects of the continuum of care, from new project start-ups to repositioning/redevelopment efforts of mature providers. Cathy can state that after 25 years in the industry, she has never had a project fail.

Cathy is a graduate of the University of Louisville and holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Sociology. Unlike many involved in senior industry market analysis, where their research education was limited to an introductory baseline course required for another field of study, Cathy is formally and extensively trained in demography, research methodology, and statistical analysis. Her research training and expertise were honed as a Research Analyst for the University of Louisville Urban Studies Center, an experience that provided a unique blending of academic rigors and “real world” applications.

Specialization with Collaboration
Unlike “superstore” companies promoting a diverse product line, LodeStar is a “boutique” providing specialized services. LodeStar does not embrace the “one size fits all” concept. While small, LodeStar does not operate in a vacuum. On the contrary, LodeStar has developed collaborative relationships with a variety of companies, producing an informal creative alliance representing distinctive vocations. These collaborative partnerships offer a spectrum of authoritative knowledge and experience specific to the senior housing and services industry. If or when appropriate, based upon our Clients’ needs, LodeStar may recommend a firm for a specific work component, thereby providing Client access to industry experts in divergent disciplines, each of whom contributes unique insights, input, and perspectives.

Note that collaborative partnering is distinctly different from the use of subcontractors. Typically, subcontracting involves “farming out” assignment components to individuals or companies, who work behind the scenes as an employee of the primary contract holder. The Client is likely unaware that some work components were completed by unrelated persons or organizations. In contrast, collaborative partnering is best described as a “team approac” that enables direct access to each team member, their professional discipline, and area of expertise.

Personalized Services
With LodeStar, Clients work directly with the company president and owner. The company principal, rather than a subordinate, will perform all components specified for your assignment. This allows Clients to benefit from the principle’s industry experience and knowledge while ensuring consistency throughout the engagement.